Meet the Packback Team!

29 Dec
ISU Mag cover

Packback featured as the cover story for Illinois State University’s Winter Magazine

Rome wasn’t built in a day and game-changing businesses don’t sprout up overnight. Challenges had to be overcome before realizing the disruption of movie rentals (Redbox), fragmentation of music distribution (iTunes), and micro-purchasing of cars (ZipCar). But what did happen in each scenario was the recognition that consumers demanded to pay for what they actually use. And in each case, one day came along in which somebody decided to do something about it. For our team at Packback, that one day came just over a year ago as industrious college students.

Of course, an idea is essentially nothing without effective execution. Fortunately, we feel confident in our team’s ability to do just that.


In addition to our core founders, Packback is the newest partner company to Dashfire. Dashfire partners with high-impact entrepreneurs to launch tech startups through software development and strategic alignment.  Located in the Chicago entrepreneurship hub of 1871, Dashfire brings a wealth of entrepreneurial expertise and a standout cast of advisors to Packback. Combine the Dashfire tech-expertise with the brilliant creativity of our superstar designer, Jessica Tenuta, and the result is a truly awesome user-experience to come!

Jessica Tenuta- Chief Designer

Jessica Tenuta- Chief Designer

Our most recent addition has been a rock-star team of marketing interns. Taylor, Kim, Kelsey, and Brett have a tight grip on the aches and pains (both physical and financial) of our college market and a passion for wreaking progressive havoc on outdated industries (well, they do now at least). Utilizing their hustle and innovative thoughts, we’ll make sure that every student has the opportunity to take part in the Packback movement!

Intern Team

Packback marketing team having fun brainstorming!


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